Duration: from 8 to 12 semesters

Places per year: 60  (Daytime Program)

Course Description: The Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology intends to train students to become multidisciplinary professionals with scientific and entrepreneurial skills necessary for their accomplishment in biotechnology companies and different research fields, such as the production of vaccines, drugs, antibodies, food, agricultural inputs, and biofuels, among others, sustainably exploring the vast biodiversity present in the country.

Moreover, at USP, this course intends to fill a high-education gap by creating an undergraduate course by direct admission in Biotechnology and, thus, EACH should contribute to the training of human resources in this field, collaborating to the fulfillment of the National Biotechnology Development Policy (PDB), established by the Federal Government in 2007, and to the development of the state of São Paulo, the largest biotechnological hub in the country.