Outgoing | CRInt

The Academic Mobility at EACH, such as the analysis and processing of agreement proposals, is also managed by CRInt. We’re responsible for the reception, courses enrollment, sending the final grades certificate of the foreign students (incoming) e for supporting the EACH’s students in their academic exchanges (outgoing).

…”É incrível a capacidade de 6 meses em influenciar o resto da sua vida”. (Larissa Delgado, Portugal, 2013).

“O intercâmbio é um curso intensivo de  amadurecimento acadêmico e pessoal…” (Catherine Guisso, Finlândia, 2013).

“A experiência foi maravilhosa, porque as  instalações da escola são ótimas, os professores tem um nível internacional e os alunos são  muito legais.” (Jonathan Ibarra, aluno da UNAM, México, na EACH, 2012). 


The “Outgoing” modality (EACH’s students abroad) is mostly fostered by the opportunities of financial support and scholarships, provided by USP’s International Office (AUCANI) to the school’s students (undergraduate and graduate), who apply for vacancies in foreign institutions with direct partnerships with USP (see USP partnerships), through AUCANI, or with EACH, through CRInt/EACH (see EACH partnerships).

It’s important to stress that: the granting of the vacancy and the acceptance of a partner foreign institution does not imply in receiving and scholarship or financial support, only for exemption of academic taxes, as for scholarships the student must stay tuned to specific announcements. Although the offering of vacancies is negotiated previously with the foreign institutions, the final decision on accepting the student or not to the exchange vacancy is under the foreign institution’s responsibility.

The student accepted by the foreign institution must look for financial means for the trip and stay in the country of destination, as well as provide all the necessary documentations required by the foreign country’s consulate or embassy. Only through scholarship announcements (see on the Mundus system, public access, announcements) is that the students may apply for financial supports, that, generally, have assumed for the participation on the selection process the acceptance of the foreign institution.