About | CRInt

The EACH’s International Relations Office (CRInt) is responsible for the managing of student exchanges and academic cooperation agreements with foreign higher education institutions. Our activities began formally in January 2011 and since then we’ve committed to offer a service of excellence to the school’s academic community, interested in the opportunities of international exchange and in firming fruitful international partnerships, in order to contribute with our experience for the enlargement and enrichment of the internationalization of the University of São Paulo.

To the present date, the office chairs are occupied by these members:

Prof. Dr. Neli Aparecida de Mello-Thery (Head of CRInt)

Prof.Dr. Alessandro Soares da Silva (Deputy Head of CRInt)

Prof. Dr. Antonio Carlos Sarti

Prof. Dr. Bibiana Graeff Chagas Pinto Fabre

Prof. Dr. Fátima de Lourdes dos Santos Nunes Marques

Prof. Dr. Lisete Barlach

Prof. Dr. Andrea Cavicchioli

A regular meeting usually takes place once a month, except for July and January, which are the months of school recess. At the meeting are discussed, mainly, subjects of importance to CRInt’s administrative routine development and relative to the firming of new international partnerships.